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Car Air Conditioning in Richmond | Servicing and Repairs

Our garage in Kew, which is part of the London Borough of Richmond, cares for every part of your car. From the smallest details in the engine to the finish on your bodywork, we’re the local car care company with a great reputation in the Richmond area. Car air conditioning servicing and re-gassing have become integral parts of our service range. Motorists in the South West London area also use our company for car air conditioning repairs.

If you like driving around in a controlled interior climate while everybody around you seems to be losing their cool, it pays to have an operational, efficient and hygienically-safe car air conditioning system. For customers in Richmond, the operational side of things is easy enough. If your system has stopped working, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need car air conditioning repairs; it may just be the case that you have run out of refrigerant.

Chris and Chris Motors only use industry-approved R1234YF refrigerant when topping up your car air conditioning system. Re-gassing is a simple procedure and once completed, road users in Richmond have a vehicle which functions perfectly in all climate conditions.

Car air conditioning servicing is also important and we recommend that our Richmond customers come in for this service at least every two years but more often if they use their car air conditioning frequently. A bi-annual service rids the system of harmful allergens and pathogens. These are often the reason behind poor quality air in your car, the type of air which can result on bad headaches, sinus problems and even conditions such as asthma.

Car Air Conditioning Repairs in Richmond

Sometimes, a re-gas or a service might not be enough to restore a car air conditioning system back to full capacity. When this happens, we strongly recommend that you being your vehicle down to our garage in Richmond for further investigation. Our company can undertake car air conditioning repairs on all manufacturer makes and models. If you’re ‘beginning to feel the heat’, we have a service that’s ‘one step beyond’ our competitors.

Your car air conditioning system is linked to the electrical subsystem. To provide an accurate diagnosis on what we believe to be the most suitable car air conditioning repairs, we plug advanced engine management equipment into the ECU of our Richmond customers’ vehicles. The results from retrieved codes can give us an accurate indication of where the fault lies and this helps us in providing a quote for the repair that’s actually needed.

If you would like discuss issues with your car air conditioning, or if you need other car repair services such as brake, clutch or cam belt replacements, pop down to see us for a free, no-obligation estimate. We’re located in the heart of the Richmond area and we welcome all enquiries from private vehicle owners and from members of the automotive sector.

Call 020 8392 2666 or 020 8878 3666 to discuss car air conditioning repairs with genuine specialists located in the Kew area of Richmond.

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