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Very few workshops in the Barnes area provide as wide a range of garage services as Chris and Chris Motors. We care for the mechanical components of your vehicle with car servicing and car repairs, whilst sustaining general roadworthiness and emission standards through annual MOT tests. Our company even takes care of the outside of vehicles by offering a complete choice of bodywork repairs for motorists in Barnes and the surrounding areas.

On this page, we provide a brief insight onto our four core garage services. In doing so, road users in Barnes can come to us for car servicing, car repairs, MOT tests and bodywork repairs knowing exactly what to expect from the trusted Chris and Chris Motors team.

Car Repairs

In the vast majority of cases, car repairs relate to failed mechanical components. Naturally, this covers a very wide field. Typical car repairs undertaken for customers in the Barnes area might include the fitting of a new clutch, replacement brake pads or an exhaust. These car repairs are more traditional types of work but we are also well equipped to provide an analysis relating to the engine subsystem. We call this engine diagnostics (management).

Engine diagnostics are vital on newer vehicles because they help us to identify the need for car repairs without extensive troubleshooting. Instead, we plug into the vehicle ECU with advanced code reading equipment to isolate the reason behind the fault. A faster diagnosis benefits our Barnes customers with faster turnaround times and fewer labour hours.

Car Servicing

Car repairs rectify faults which have already occurred but car servicing acts as a form of preventative maintenance. Historically, local vehicle owners would have left their car servicing needs to main dealerships in the Barnes area through fear of having their warranties invalidated. This is no longer the case and motorists now have the right to have cars serviced at independent garages without having to worry themselves over warranties.

We provide full and interim car servicing for customers in the Barnes area as part of a comprehensive range of garage services. Have your car serviced regularly and the parts will last longer, you’ll benefit from better performance and you’ll even see an improvement in fuel economy. Car servicing at Chris and Chris Motors meets current dealership standards.

MOT Tests

Car servicing, as we’ve already established, is a form of preventative maintenance. In some ways, MOT tests also help in identifying potential problems before they occur. The difference with MOT tests is that they are a legal requirement on all vehicles over three years of age whereas car servicing, while recommended, is optional. We provide MOT tests in the Class IV category from one of the best-equipped garages in the Barnes area.

MOT tests check for roadworthiness, vehicle safety and emissions. A trained DVSA inspector works to a series of guidelines and if a car meets all criteria, the owner receives a certificate for a test pass. If the vehicle fails, we can perform any car repairs you might need and put it in for a free retest. Motorists in Barnes can book MOT tests as far ahead as 28 days before the current certificate expires thanks to our customer-friendly garage services.

Bodywork Repairs

Most garages in the Barnes area focus on one sector with their garage services – mechanical or bodywork. At Chris and Chris Motors, we offer the convenience of mechanical repairs and bodywork repairs from a single workshop. For vehicle owners in the Barnes area who don’t have the time to visit separate garages for different types of work, this is a unique service benefit. We perform bodywork repairs for private, trade, fleet and insurance customers.

If you need us to help with major accident repair work, we can provide a full service including the management of your accident if you wasn’t at fault in the collision. Motorists in Barnes can also book in for bodywork repairs if they need us to deal with superficial damage such as minor scratches, car park dents and other small areas of repair work.

Car servicing, car repairs, MOT tests and bodywork repairs are priced to compete against dealership rates and other independent garages in the Barnes area.

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