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Timing and Cam Belt Replacement in Richmond

At Chris and Chris Motors, we’ve earned a fantastic reputation throughout Richmond and South West London. From brakes, clutches and tyres to wheel alignment and bodywork repairs, we have Richmond covered with the complete service range. Cam belt replacements are also popular with our customers, who usually have one question:

“What’s the difference between a cam belt replacement and a timing belt replacement?”

The answer? Cam belts and timing belts are the same thing; it is drive belts which differ. Cam belts drive the camshaft are will be hidden beneath the rocker cover. Drive belts are usually visible and will run other components such as the alternator, the water pump or part of the car air conditioning system. We undertake drive belt and cam belt replacements.

Even the most experienced of home mechanics in Richmond knows that timing belt replacement and cam belt replacement work is best left to the professionals. The work itself requires high skills levels and specialist tooling; the type of equipment you probably won’t find in your own toolbox or garage. If you undertake cam belt replacements yourself and fail to get the set-up just right, the belt could snap and wrap itself around the valves.

This could quite literally result in thousands of pounds worth of repairs.

When to Book in for Cam Belt Replacements

Timing belt replacement and cam belt replacement work should be undertaken at schedules recommended by your manufacturer. We remind our Richmond customers that the replacement interval is different for most models. Based on the year of manufacture, even some models of the same car will have different intervals for cam belt replacements.

Replacement interval details can usual be found in your handbook but we can advise you on when your next replacement is due if you can’t find the information you need.

The successful completion of any timing belt replacement and cam belt replacement job at our Richmond workshop will ultimately come down to experience. Cam belt replacements are intensive and require a sizeable number of man hours. It will take a home mechanic much longer to replace a cam belt or timing belt than it would a professional. Do the work yourself and get it wrong, and you could invalidate other warranties on your vehicle.

If you’re a motorist from the Richmond area who owns a vehicle which has a timing chain, you won’t be able to complete a timing belt replacement or cam belt replacement project in the traditional manner. Like normal cam belt replacements, we think it’s best to leave timing chain maintenance and replacement in the hand of our professionals. Chris and Chris Motors welcome enquiries from drivers in Richmond and all parts of South West London.

To book in for timing belt replacements and cam belt replacements at our popular garage in Richmond, call 020 8392 2666 or 020 8878 3666.

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