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Engine Diagnostics in Richmond and South West London

At Chris and Chris Motors, we have the experience and the technical team needed to deliver car repairs which care for every part of your vehicle – inside and out. From the brakes and the clutch to the condition of your bodywork, our company provides complete garage services to customers in Richmond and all surrounding South West London areas. Engine diagnostics is an important part of our service range, especially for modern vehicle owners.

Modern vehicles have an ECU (Engine Control Unit) fitted at the factory which links into the electrical and mechanical subsystem. Code reading equipment used at garages can plug into the ECU whenever there are problems with the running of a vehicle. This equipment retrieves stored fault codes. This is called engine diagnostics. By interpreting stored fault codes, we ‘diagnose’ the car repairs Richmond and South West London motorists need.

Engine diagnostics is part of what we refer to as ‘engine management’. The equipment at our disposal helps us to manage individual parts of the subsystem and to maintain the best levels of performance and efficiency. Engine diagnostics and management also help our garage in Richmond to notice when something is wrong with your car. An early diagnosis and prompt car repairs could save you money on more extensive repairs in the future.

When are Engine Diagnostics Needed?

For many vehicle owners in Richmond, their first introduction to the world of engine diagnostics comes through dashboard warning lights. These lights display when your ECU detects a fault within the subsystem. The display on your car dashboard is indicative of a problem which will almost certainly worsen if it is left unattended.

We meet many motorists from the Richmond area each year who pay more for car repairs than they need to simply because the fail to react to dashboard warning lights.

Sometimes, a simple inspection and reset is all that is needed. Engine diagnostics aren’t necessarily about finding major problems with your vehicle; these usually make themselves apparent through poor performance and eventual breakdowns. Engine diagnostics in Richmond are often about more subtle things not working properly, such as air bags, parking sensors, the battery, the ABS system and even the central locking.

Don’t pay more for car repairs by ignoring the warning signs. Visit our garage in Richmond for innovative engine diagnostics which get to the core of the problem quickly without the need for painstaking mechanical inspection and troubleshooting. We can usually make a recommendation on any car repairs you might need inside a matter of minutes.

Call us now on 020 8392 2666 or 020 8878 3666 to book in for engine diagnostics or car repairs at our popular garage in Richmond.

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