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Wear and tear inevitably means that Hounslow motorists will at some point require car repairs, alongside other essential garage services like MOT tests, car servicing and bodywork repairs (for those nasty scrapes and collisions). In this article, we’ve looked at some of the most common car repairs that clients come to us for, and have provided advice on avoiding the need for said car repairs altogether. After all, while we appreciate the business –we know what it’s like to be hit by sudden and unexpected expenditure…it’s no fun at all!

Should you be based in or around Hounslow but are more interested in the other garage services we previously mentioned in passing – e.g. MOT tests, bodywork repairs or that all important maintenance procedure, car servicing – then pick up the phone and call 020 8392 2666. A friendly member of our team will be on hand to provide expert assistance. We provide all these services and many more at an extremely competitive price point.

Four of the Most Common Repairs Required by Hounslow & UK Motorists

Clutch Replacement

If you’ve noticed that your clutch is slipping when driving, or that you’re struggling to change gears, then we’d recommend making a visit to our Hounslow garage at your earliest convenience. Faulty clutches can lead to more significant problems like engine damage, if you continue to drive on it. They’ll also lead to failed MOT tests and similar inconveniences. Another sign that your clutch is in trouble is if your transmission makes a jarring noise whilst the clutch is being held down. Clutch issues are occasionally identified during routine car servicing.

The best way to improve the lifespan of your clutch and avoid this particular category of car repairs, is to use it sparingly and not place unnecessary pressure on it. Use your handbrake and hold in neutral, rather than “riding” the clutch while stopped at a red light. We also recommend Hounslow motorists take every effort to ensure gear changes are quick and smooth.

Cambelt Replacement

Another common category of car repairs is cambelt replacement. Red flags include a grinding noise, or a squeaking noise emitting from your vehicle’s engine; a car not starting could also indicate that the cambelt has broken. These vital components are made of rubber and fulfil an essential function in operating your engine’s valves. A badly worn cambelt can lead to failed MOT tests and as mentioned before, your car simply not starting!

If you’ve noticed any of the aforementioned signs, visit Chris & Chris Motors Ltd, the Hounslow area’s top choice for affordable garage services, and we can carry out the required car repairs (replacement of the cambelt) to get back you on the road. To avoid this issue in the first place, keep your car in a garage to minimise the extreme temperature fluctuations which lead to a cambelt degrading. But beware, eventually you’ll require it – it’s as inevitable as death and taxes!

Front Brake Pads & Disc Replacement

Does your car not slow down quite as quickly as it used to when you apply the brakes? Or perhaps you’ve noticed a squeaking or grinding sound when you brake? Both these signs indicate that your front brake pads or disc are worn and you may require car repairs. Other signs include your dashboard brake warning light illuminating, or your car vibrating when you brake.

Due to the essential safety function of brakes, our Hounslow based garage services experts will check for damage during MOT tests and rudimentary garage services. After all, worn and ineffective brakes could lead to a crash which, at the very least, will have you in need of expensive bodywork repairs. To slow down the inevitable wear and tear of brake pads and discs, avoid braking too often and too aggressively. Drive safely with plenty of space between your own vehicle and those in front.

For expert yet affordable car repairs, MOT tests, car servicing or bodywork repairs in Hounslow – pick up the phone and call Chris & Chris Motors on 020 8392 2666.

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