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Car Repairs and MOT Tests in Sheen | Your Questions Answered

Our workshop in Kew welcomes motorists from nearby Sheen, part of the London Borough of Richmond. We’re here to provide local vehicle owners with the complete range of garage services, and customers in Sheen can rely on our company for full and interim car servicing, advanced engine diagnostics, car repairs, Class IV MOT tests and innovative bodywork repairs which restore damaged panels and components to pre-accident condition.

Chris and Chris Motors welcome many new customers from Sheen each year, most of whom have heard about us through the recommendations and referrals of other motorists in the local area. This page answers questions they may have about our garage services.

What are the differences between full and interim car servicing?

Full car servicing is a recommended annual requirement on all vehicles covering up to 12,000 miles in the period since the last service. Conscientious road users in Sheen book in for full car servicing because they understand it is vital for keeping engine components in good operational condition, and helps improve vehicle performance and economy. Regular annual car servicing also reduces the need for more expensive garage services and repairs.

We recommend interim car servicing to customers from the Sheen area if they use their vehicles more frequently and exceed the specified 12,000 mile limit on a full service. Under such circumstances, it makes sense to book in for interim car servicing every six months or 6,000 miles. Interim car servicing is less detailed and lower in price than full (or scheduled) car servicing but still plays an important role in a preventative maintenance program.

How do engine diagnostics play a part in car repairs?

As older vehicles leave the roads of Sheen to be replaced by more advanced models, the technology required to perform car repairs has to advance in turn. Today’s most modern workshops include engine diagnostics within their range of garage services. Plugging a code reader into the ECU of a modern vehicle helps in retrieving stored fault codes, which become apparent to drivers in the Sheen area through dashboard warning lights.

These stored fault codes help us to identify the car repairs you need sooner and much more accurately. In our experience, motorists in Sheen pay less for repair work through the use of diagnostics than they would with traditional mechanical troubleshooting. Our company also undertakes car repairs at a more basic level by replacing brakes, clutches, exhausts and similar mechanical components, which we source through a network of local suppliers.

Can I wait at your workshop while you perform MOT tests?

Yes. Typically, MOT tests last for around 45 minutes and in the interests of fairness and impartiality, workshops must provide a viewing area where their customers can wait and see the test performed. We invite motorists in Sheen area to stay in our own comfortable waiting facilities to watch MOT tests in progress. Chris and Chris Motors, as a welcoming and friendly garage, even offers a choice of refreshments for waiting customers.

We perform MOT tests in the Class IV category, which covers passenger cars and light commercial models. Our company advises Sheen motorists that any vehicle aged three years or over must undergo an annual test at an approved DVSA facility. MOT tests establish the roadworthiness, safety and emission standards of Class IV vehicles. If a vehicle fails the inspection, leave it with us and we’ll perform the car repairs needed to assure a retest pass.

What do bodywork repairs cover?

Car bodywork repairs cover anything from a small scratch incurred in a supermarket car park to the complete rectification of your vehicle after a major road traffic accident. Customers in Sheen benefit from modern repair facilities and the use of the industry’s most advanced materials. Our technicians perform car bodywork repairs using a combination of panel beating and paint refinishing techniques coupled with innovative material systems.

Some road users in Sheen ask us how we manage to combine mechanical car repairs with bodywork repairs and the answer is very simple. Since our inception, we’ve worked hard to be a definitive one-stop service provider, and to assist our local customers with a complete range of garage services under the banner of a single company. We uphold this outlook by covering all aspects of mechanical car repairs and modern car bodywork repairs.

Car servicing, car repairs, MOT tests and bodywork repairs are priced to compete against dealership rates and other independent garages in the Sheen area.

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