Wheel Alignment in Richmond from Chris and Chris Motors

Anybody using the roads of Richmond and South West London will already know that some of them are in less-than-perfect condition. Bad roads result in poor wheel alignment. No matter how hard you try to avoid potholes and curbs, it only takes one mistake to cause issues with your wheel alignment. Having your vehicle checked with our popular garage in Richmond at six-monthly intervals is advised, and you could save money in the long-run.

Regular wheel alignment is proven to optimise drivability and safety. Road users in Richmond will find that their vehicle drives more consistently, tyres will last longer and the wheels will hold their direction without bearing off to the left or the right. In fact, with frequent wheel alignment, you should also shave a few pounds from your fuel bill too!

Factory-produced vehicles already have pre-set wheel alignment settings which position tyres at the correct angles and in the right direction. These settings are very precise and it’s not too difficult to affect them if you’re driving on some of the particularly poor roads we’ve encountered in Richmond. Without wheel alignment services, motorists can expect to experience poor handling characteristics and a much shorter life on tyres.

Tyre Wear and Wheel Alignment | A Hand-in-Hand Problem

If you’ve noticed premature tyre wear on your vehicle, it is almost certain to be the result of poor wheel alignment. If tyres are wearing faster on the inside, it could be the case that our valued Richmond customers are driving with too much weight in the boot area. A simple adjustment can rectify this. Wheel alignment isn’t just about where the tyres are facing. The camber and caster angles also need to be adjusted to the correct settings.

We advise motorists in Richmond and South West London that poor wheel alignment can shorten the potential lifespan of tyres by thousands of miles. It can also cause premature wear to important steering and suspension components. Compare the price of six-monthly wheel alignment to the cost of a full set of new tyres or new steering parts and it’s easy to see why the smarter Richmond road user is keen to use our services.

Noticeable signs that you may need to book in for wheel alignment include:

  • Your vehicle pulling in a leftwards or rightwards direction
  • Excessively fast or uneven tyre wear
  • Crooked alignment of the steering wheel when driving in a straight line
  • Squealing noises from the tyres and the possible smell of burned rubber

If you have noticed one (or a combination) of these characteristics, it’s imperative that you call us to discuss wheel alignment at the earliest opportunity. We welcome enquiries from motorists in Richmond, Chiswick, Isleworth, Twickenham and all surrounding locations in the South West London area. We charge the fairest prices for wheel alignment services.

To book in for wheel alignment at our popular garage in Richmond, call Chris and Chris Motors Ltd now 020 8392 2666 or 020 8878 3666.

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