Keeping You Safe on the Road With Everything from Car Servicing to Car Repairs in Hounslow | Chris and Chris Motors

If we had to describe what it is we look to achieve at Chris and Chris Motors in a nutshell, we’d say: keep our customers safely on the road, all year round. We achieve this through the provision of car repairs, car servicing, engine diagnostics and MOT testing, ensuring your vehicle not only runs like a dream, but you have the correct certification to prove it does! While the lion’s share of our business comes from motorists in our immediate area (our car garage is situated in Richmond), our close proximity to Hounslow means we’re always receiving visits by motorists in this locale.

We provide a more friendly and attentive alternative to national fast fits and large garages which often feel like they rush you in and out, providing car repairs, car servicing, engine diagnostics or MOT testing at such a pace that you aren’t sure exactly what you’ve paid for! Remember, changes in legislation means Hounslow motorists can undergo any required automotive service at the garage of their choice without voiding their warranty – so there’s really no reason not to make the switch and save a bit while doing so!

How We Help Keep Twickenham Motorists on the Road

Our automotive services, which we provide for any Class IV make or model vehicle, can generally be split into two categories…

Proactive – Your vehicle can often be a significant investment: there’s the initial cost of purchase, the cost of petrol, tax, and any car repairs you might require to keep it on the road. That’s why it pays to be proactive in keeping your vehicle healthy. Manufacturers recommend full annual car servicing one per 12,000 miles or 12 months, and interim car servicing every 6,000 miles or 6 months beyond that. The car servicing we provide not only serves as a check-up, keeping you safe by providing an opportunity for maintenance and early intervention with developing issues, it also improves fuel economy and handling, making for cheaper operational costs and a more enjoyable driving experience.

And while legally mandated, we do see MOT testing as a proactive means of caring for a vehicle; they’re mandatory for a reason! Our MOT testing is impartial and fair, and we provide free re-tests following a failure and any remedial work being carried out. Hounslow clients can sit back and relax with a tea or coffee while the work is carried out, taking advantage of our comfortable facilities. So book in MOT testing up to a month before expiry to keep on top of it! Alternatively, leave your vehicle with us and pick it up following the test’s completion.

Reactive – However strict you are with keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition, sometimes disaster can strike. Perhaps a fellow motorist has diverted their attention from the road, and you’ve been involved in a collision that has damaged your vehicle. Don’t panic, as one aspect of the “reactive” garage services we provide the Hounslow area are accident repairs. Simply bring your vehicle into us and we’ll carry out the requisite diagnostics (including engine diagnostics), then explain to you the extent of the damage in honest, jargon-free language. We’ll explain to you your options, and should you wish to undergo car repairs at Chris and Chris Motors, issue you a competitive quote for the work.

Then there are the more run of the mill car repairs that Hounslow motorists might require, from replacing worn brake pads, to an old cambelt. We use OEM grade parts, ensuring that the standard of car repair you receive is equivalent to, or better than that’d you receive at a national fast fit or corporate-chain car garage. If your engine is making strange sounds or performing oddly, we also recommend reacting fast – just visit Chris and Chris for engine diagnostics. Our car garage is equipped with the latest and greatest diagnostics equipment, allowing us to make a fast and accurate prognosis.

In Hounslow and require car repairs, car servicing or MOT testing? Visit Chris and Chris Motors, your trusted car garage located a short drive away in Richmond. Call 020 8392 2666 or 020 8878 3666.