A Fully Equipped, Well-Reputed Car Garage in Richmond

Many new customers who visit Chris and Chris Motors, a reputable independent car garage situated in Richmond(or more specifically Kew), visit us because they’re curious what we can offer them over a main dealership or national fast fit centre. But some, who have used these larger style businesses for any car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing or engine diagnostics they’ve required over the years, are reluctant to break the habit.

It’s for the benefit of these latter persons we’ve penned the below article, which looks to answer the core question: why choose an independent over a larger Richmond car garage? By the end of it, we hope you’ll be convinced that Chris and Chris Motors is a great choice for everything from MOTs, to getting new tyres installed after your old set look short on tread depth.

If you’re a returning Richmond client who has stumbled across this page, or a new one who has already made their mind up due to our online reputation or a word of mouth reputation – perhaps the below isn’t all too relevant! Cut right to the chase and book in an appointment – whether for the aforementioned car repairs, maintenance procedures like car servicing and engine diagnostics, or to fulfil legal requirements via MOT testing – by calling us on 020 8392 2666 or 020 8878 3666.

Why Choose an Independent Car Garage Over a Main Dealer?


Large chain garages that operate across the country tend to ensure their prices are consistent across the board; they also look to set the market rate, rather than actively adapt to it. If they wanted to make their car servicing, MOT testing or engine diagnostics services cheaper, they’d need to run this through relevant executives, gain approval of board members, so on and so forth.

In short, an independent car garage like Richmond’s Chris and Chris Motors can be constantly keeping prices competitively by monitoring local rivals and making changes as necessary. We’re our own bosses, and continue to head from strength to strength because even our car repairs, or a set of new tyres, are affordable to all. Another reason for this affordability, is we don’t have contracts with suppliers which force us to fit overpriced parts – artificially increasing the cost to you, the client.

A Better Standard of Service

Many main dealers and fast fit centres look to get customers in and out as fast as possible; with the latter style car garages, the clue’s in the name! This also means they’re constantly booked up and you may have to make concessions with your own personal schedule, to get the car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing or engine diagnostics that you urgently require.

Not with an independent car garage like ours. We tailor our services to your schedule, minimising the impact our work will have on your week-to-week routine. Likewise, we carry out our mechanical services to an exceptional quality standard, and won’t disrespect you with a rush job.

Friendly Customer Service from Names You Can Trust

Main dealers and fast fit car garages are notorious for their high create of staff turnover. This means you could come in on two separate occasions and face two completely different mechanics, whose qualifications, skill and experience you’re unfamiliar with.

Richmond motorists love that when they come to Chris and Chris Motors, they deal with the same mechanics whoare friendly, attentive and have years upon years of experience providing everything from car repairs to car servicing, MOT testing to engine diagnostics and fitting new tyres.

So what are you waiting for? Whether it’s car repairs, car servicing or MOT testing you’re after – call the Richmond area’s favoured car garage on 020 8392 2666 or 020 8878 3666.