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There are many reasons behind Twickenham motorists’ visits to our Richmond car garage. They may simply be looking for MOT testing from a reputable facility, or to keep on top of vehicle maintenance via scheduled car servicing or engine diagnostics, following a subtle change in performance. We’re also known amongst many in the Twickenham area as the first port of call for car repairs.

Some car repairs are required after road accidents. Most are as a result of the wear and tear that inevitably impacts vital parts and components. On this page, we’ve looked at some of the most common car repairs that are Twickenham client base visits us for. We hope that if you’re suffering a similar issue, it will alleviate concern by showing that you’re not the only one!

More interested in booking in car servicing or MOT testing? The below might not be of interest. So cut right to the chase by calling our friendly team on 020 8392 2666 or 020 8878 3666. Our standard of workmanship is unrivalled in the Twickenham area, yet our prices stay highly competitive!

Common Car Repairs, Explained!

Clutch Replacement – Signs of clutch issues include difficulty changing gears, clutch slippage, and strange noises or sensations when pressing or depressing the clutch. It’s important that the problem is dealt with quickly, as a faulty clutch can quickly cause engine damage (should this already have happened, we’ll be able to provide fast and accurate engine diagnostics to figure out the extent of the damage and how to fix it). Minor issues can sometimes be picked up upon during MOT testing or car servicing. Driving carefully and not “riding the clutch” are ways that Twickenham motorists can reduce the effects of wear and tear.

Cambelt Replacement – Grinding and squeaking noises emerging from your engine can both signal that a cambelt is badly worn and “on its last legs”. A vehicle not starting altogether can mean the cambelt has already broken. The go-to car repairs in both circumstances is simple replacement of the component. Keep in mind that Cambelt issues can lead to failing MOT testing, and also lead to serious safety issues. Due to being made from rubber and being constantly subject to friction, they do eventually wear down – even car servicing won’t prevent this. But to prevent early degradation, keep your vehicle in a garage to prevent serious and sudden temperature fluctuations, which can expedite their wear.

Brake Pad & Disc Replacement – Poor response when braking, and squeaking or grinding sounds when applying the brakes, can both signal the need for a replacement of brake pads or discs. As far as car repairs go, these are about as standard as it gets, and be quickly carried out at our car garage near Twickenham. Another, obvious indicator is the brake warning light turning on. Issues with brakes, for obvious reasons, will lead to failed MOT testing and will certainly be discovered during the course of car servicing. So act early before your road safety, and the safety of fellow motorists, begins to become a factor. To prevent excess wear and tear, simply brake methodically and early – not aggressive and late!

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